STEM Space at Home

Create a miniature greenhouse to grow plants without soil, then design a device to support your plant as it grows using available materials. Watch the video for the full details.
Design a safe and fun roller coaster using available materials. Watch the video for 3 levels of challenges.
Build a boat that can hold treasure without sinking and then turn it into a sailboat that can sail across a small body of water!

Welcome to STEM Space at Home! Join Claire Meschkat, an Aerospace Engineer, as she shares the history and intricate designs of modern-day Lunar Rovers. Then, Ridhwaan Syed at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas, will get you ready to build your own rover!

Design a musical instrument and control the loudness and frequency of the sound!
Learn how to build a movable robotic hand, and then turn it into a wearable superhero arm!
Keep your astronauts safe when landing on Mars!

By helping to fund our programs for motivated Middle and High School students with an interest in exploring space, you advance 21st century careers for underrepresented minorities, female, and economically disadvantaged students.

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