Design Competition

For Students

Your Role during the design competition is to:

Be committed!

Throughout the spring semester, you will work with your teammates to brainstorm, research, and design a habitat in a Lunar Lava Tube.

Be creative!

You will build a 3D model of your habitat from recyclables. You can gather recyclables from home and your community.

Be dedicated!

You will work with your mentor and listen to guest speakers who are experts in space architecture, engineering, space exploration and more!

Over the course of the spring semester, you will support your students as they brainstorm, problem-solve, research, and implement the engineering design process. NWAY will work with you to connect your students with STEM mentors who will provide students with feedback on their projects. Together, this STEM-ecosystem helps students build 21st-century skills including creativity, communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and much, much more!
Want to get a head start?

Learn more about the Moon and Lunar Lava Tubes by downloading the PDFs below!

About the Moon

Download the PDF

Lunar Lava Tubes

Download the PDF

Want more?

Here are some cool videos about the Moon, Lunar Lava Tubes, and exploration technology!

Want to see what students have done?

Check out this photo gallery from past lunar habitat competitions from NWAY partners.

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2022 Lunar Habitat Design Competition Award Ceremony

On May 14th, 2022, the 8 finalists of the New Worlds Await You Lunar Lava Tube Habitat Design Competition presented their final products to their judges, watched insightful videos from exhibitors, heard from guest speaker Ginger Barnes, and won placement awards! We...

New Worlds Await You – 8 Teams Advancing to Finals !

New Worlds Await You is proud to announce the Top 8 teams who have advanced to the Final Round of Competition. All NWAY teams have been working hard this semester to design and build a 3D model of a Lunar Habitat within a Lunar Lava Tube. These creative middle school...
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