Spatial Skills and 3D Visualization Training Program

Preparing students for STEM CAREERS


Dan Dimitriu, Ph. D., P.E.

Created by Dr. Dan Dimitriu to prepare the participants for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) careers, the 3D Visualization Training Program has been integrated into the LCATS curriculum. The program’s mission is to enhance and stimulate students’ skills in spatial awareness, 3D visualization, analytical abilities, abstract thinking, pattern recognition, memory, attention to detail, and overall mental performance.

The program was successfully tested in 2022 during the year 3 cohort of the Lunar Caves Analog Test Sites (LCATS) Program offered by the WEX Foundation. Since then, the program has gained outstanding recognition by the community and has been built to stay into the LCATS curriculum.

The components of the training program uses a variety of exercises designed to challenge different parts of the brain; just as physical exercises affect various muscle groups.  The exercises are disguised as hands-on games, aligning with the project-based structure of LCATS.  It combines educational content with entertaining activities, allowing the participants to gain essential spatial awareness skills while simultaneously having fun!

The program was initially developed for the Engineering Program at San Antonio College, where it was implemented for many years. It has also been presented at the Alamo STEM Ecosystem Educator Conference and several schools in the San Antonio area, including educational institutions like the DoSEUM!

Some of the materials used during the training sessions:

Pick – Put – Peg

(3×3) and (4×4)

Letter Corral

Capital and lowercase letters


Squares of Six


Freehand sketching of shapes:

One Set of Shapes

Counting Bricks

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